Colonel Jack Mosher and Catherine Gordon are Maine IFW Registered Maine Guides specializing in providing access to Maine's woods and waters for recreation, hunting tidewaters and fishing. We are committed to the strong belief that the outdoor adventure sanctuary is a healing resource for those seeking peace, reflection and recovery.



Gold Star Outfitters, Inc. offers fully outfitted half day, full day or multi-day adventures for individuals or parties throughout Central, Western, Northern and Coastal Maine for hunting, interior fishing, hiking, tidewater fishing, canoeing, outdoor therapy and canoodleing on Maine's rivers, lakes and trail systems in any season.


Gold Star Outfitters caters to all adventurers with a special emphasis on veterans, first responders and families facing adversity who seek access to Maine's wilderness sanctuary as a healing resource.  As former high school teachers and coaches, we hold a fondness for young people needing the life enriching and confidence building experience of an adventure in Maine’s pristine outdoor landscape. 

Colonel Jack Mosher, Registered Maine Guide


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