Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

On behalf of Gold Star Outfitters, Inc, Catherine and I wish to express our deepest appreciation to our partners, guests, family and friends for this incredible year of growth and prosperity as we continue our mission of providing sanctuary and healing to our beloved veteran community. Our valued teamwork with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and The Travis Mills Foundation Veteran Retreat has enabled us to experience the joy of true adventure learning as we pursue greater levels of mastery in our professions as Registered Maine Guides. We wish our extended network a Merry Christmas and peace in the New Year. With much love, Catherine and Jack

A Word of Encouragement

Dear brothers and sisters of the Veteran Community; service members, family and friends. I wish to extend to you a kind word of encouragement with the understanding that this most joyous time of the year can be particularly hard for those contending with the travails of loss, illness or separation. Truly, as Thanksgiving rolls into Christmas and ultimately the New Year, many of us can experience sadness, which lays in stark contrast to the spirit of the Holiday Season.I love you and share your sadness during this time of the year. The spaces left behind by those we loved and lost are pronounced during these days of celebration as we mark the passing of time and sweet, sorrowful nostalgia

December Comes

December comes quietly as a late guest to the party. It slips into Maine after the splendor and flourishes of Autumn’s color with its ice-covered puddles and frosty brown leaves. The December Dawn takes her time, while her sister Dusk hangs over the sleepy Kennebec. She smiles sidelong, passing the vanities of her mirror channels and goes to bed early. December marks the changing of the seasons, and therefore, the passage of time. She is a reluctant lover, rich with memories of snowfall, glitter laden sentiment and the empty spaces of faces and places lost. December is the last waltz of the ball with her cheeky kiss as promise of the New Year ahead. She whispers on her careless way of

The GSO, TMF, PHWFF Partnership

Gold Star Outfitters, Inc. has enjoyed a great partnership this summer and fall with both The Travis Mills Foundation Veteran's Retreat and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Catherine Gordon and I have collectively dedicated over a 1,000 volunteer hours to these organizations over the past year and will expand these programs in the coming 2018 season by growing these fruitful relationships. We are very fortunate and tremendously thankful to be able to spend our time with these precious families doing what we enjoy most.

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