Get Involved. Be Rude. Intrude.

Get Involved. Be rude. Intrude. We are once again reminded of the menacing presence of suicidal ideation in the lives of America’s service members. This scourge on our society continues to claim more soldiers’ lives than combat casualties, accidents and illness combined. The pall of this calamity has invaded our first responders’ ranks, as well, along with nearly every segment of our society with its boney fingers touching every one of us through our families, friendships and work relationships. The dark specter of suicide is a LIAR, a COWARD and a THIEF. It skulks in the dark shadows of our conscience, watching and waiting for that moment when its victim is most lonely, sad, cornered,

The Sum of All Your Mistakes

You may have done what they say you did. But you are not what they say you are. You are more than the sum of your mistakes and not defined by the darkest moments of your life, during which you erred. To err is human, to forgive divine. Begin by learning to forgive yourself, then pass that habit on to others, while not forsaking the important lessons learned by your mistakes (and other’s), large and small. Lastly, realize that the memory is a terrible liar. We rarely recall events accurately and in the context by which they actually occurred under a variety of influences and contributing factors. Certain aspects of any event are going to amplified or diminished with time, so take the le

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