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No Cancellations; Toilet Paper Included

As this emerging culture of social distancing and wholesale cancelations permeates our society, let us seize this opportunity to reduce the clutter in our lives by returning to our families, communities and the healing sanctuaries of Maine’s woods and waters. We must continue to open the doors unapologetically and venture into the solitude of the outdoors to connect with the ethereal nature of our own being far from our devices and schedules. If “business is the tyrant of our day,” let us decidedly gather our loved ones and navigate to the lakes, streams, and wooded glens of our state’s natural treasures.

To aid in this noble endeavor, Gold Star Outfitters, Inc. still confidently offers three-day (two night) family and friends getaways to the Chamberlain/Eagle Lake Allagash Region for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis. This all-inclusive package features fly tying, casting and fishing lessons, all outdoor equipment, outfitter accommodations, locally sourced menu and guide services for five people at $1,200 per group. All guests will travel to the Chamberlain Lake Landing and move 20 miles into the wilderness by Big Jack Custom Canoe to the Donnelly Point and Lost Spring primitive lakeside campsites as base camps. Day hiking tours of the famous Allagash Locomotives, Tramway and historical sites are included along with family fly fishing lessons. Guests can expect panoramic views of Katahdin and this pristine wilderness landscape free from cell reception and coronavirus fears.

This global crisis begs the point that despite being social creatures by our nature, we must seek and find time to be alone, especially with those we love most. Consider then, taking time away in the sanctuaries of Maine’s beautiful woods and waters to reflect, recover and re-generate. We all need time for introspection and peace, especially when the World Health Organization dictates by necessity that we become solitary creatures in our family units. It really should not take an international pandemic to force us back into our communities, our families, and our natural environment.

We are reminded of the value of solitude as the list of Coronavirus large gathering cancellations continues to grow by the hour. I have not yet been able to truly weigh the science of this pandemic against the “cancelation culture” and “panic buying” phenomena that has left our local grocery stores void of all paper products and items deemed most valuable for the impending “zombie apocalypse”. It seems that “social distancing” has become our new national policy on contagion response and all gatherings of more than 500 people have been temporarily suspended.

The Allagash is calling. What better time to get away to one of the last designated frontiers in the Continental United States? It is by definition a solid “social distance” away except for the moose, deer, bear and abundant flora and fauna of this pristine wilderness. Oh, and the toilet paper and hand sanitizer is included.

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