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Rest easy, Patriots

Rest easy, Patriots. You, the forbearers of this nation, which serves as the shining light for the world, having ignited the flame of freedom for untold legions. Your sacrifice, vision and construction of the American Dream is well tended by your legacy in the hearts of today’s sturdy flame holders.

I have seen it with my own eyes on the plains of battle strewn deserts and in the mountains of Afghanistan. They, like you, have accepted the mantle of responsibility on these warm shores for a vision so clearly articulated in your seminal documents that applies to all souls. While the struggle continues, unabated, great spirits forged in the fires of combat service understand and appreciate your constructed dream.

We have seen and lived the alternatives and, with renewed resolve in the ongoing pursuit of the American Dream, will not allow the cold and timid souls of lesser hearts to diminish the light of the shining city on the hill. We will work to improve and secure the faith you placed in our generation to carry on this hallowed task.

Rest easy, Patriots. We will continue your work to ensure the American Dream is worthy of your sacrifice and the sacrifice of every generation in our history. God bless you and your families on this 243d birthday of our nation. And to our legacy of patriots ever since that fateful day in July on which you pledged your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor; bless you and your families my brothers and sisters.

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