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GSO Father's Day Message

The Mosher Clan spent this Father’s Day Weekend in the presence of our extended family celebrating a high school graduation, a wedding anniversary, two birthdays and, of course, three generations of paternal devotion. Many families in the China Lake Region did likewise as traffic on the lake and local highways was heavy.

Still, during daily morning meditations in the garden, my thoughts turned to fellow veterans and service members and their families. Father’s Day takes on a special meaning for those families who must endure the vacuous absences of a military dads. Gold Star Outfitters, Inc. wishes to extend our most sincere appreciation, reverence and affection to the Gold Star and serving families of our nation on Father’s Day 2018.

You are appreciated, loved and held with our deepest affinity. May God’s peace surround and protect you for your service and immeasurable sacrifice to this country.

Love, Jack and Catherine

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