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To the Broken Hearted on Christmas Eve

To the Broken Hearted on Christmas Eve…

If you are reading this message on Christmas Eve, perhaps you are alone. And if you are alone, missing someone, or awash in the bittersweet nostalgia of Christmas past, I want you to know that you are very much loved. I may not know you well, or have never met you, but I assure you that you are my central preoccupation this evening of most blessed nights. I am beside you in my heart and speaking with you through the magic of a MacBook Air.

There are few nights in the year that so resonate in our memories and emotions as Christmas Eve and for many, these powerful moments can overwhelm us as we revisit the smells, sounds and tastes of the past. This is especially so if there is a space left behind by someone we love and with whom we shared these moments. The joy of the season as a backdrop of these emotions, and often in contrast, can make it that much harder, which I completely understand and share with you.

For now, join me. It is very quiet here in front of my fireplace, embers burning, and the brilliant moon illuminating the snowy gardens outside. It is truly a silent night, holy night. Let’s begin with a deep, saturating breath; and a long, slow exhale. Really let yourself relax and set aside the emotions of the moment. Lay down your burdens and troubles of this world for now and (after your read this) close your eyes. Take another breath and recall your absolute happiest memory of Christmas Eve. Perhaps as a child in your bed surrounded by your family, restless in the anticipation of the morning to come. Maybe in the warm arms of someone you love; safe, peaceful, smiling, loved. Embrace this moment and let it hold you with its familiarity. This is your moment, your eternal treasure unchanged by time and circumstance. Let it remind and return you to the joy of this night, and those you miss will comfort you in meditation. Though they be beyond your dull Earthly senses, surely they too are missing you and therefore loving you until that fine day when you shall meet again in a far better place.

Friends, may Peace warm our hearts this night and bring us the comfort of a restful night in the knowledge that love is eternal, especially that borne on Christmas Eve. Be thankful for the treasure trove of happy moments from this night and do not let them be darkened by the troubles of this often surely existence. Bless you and the light of your life on humanity this Christmas and in the New Year ahead. With much love and appreciation, Jack.

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