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A Lifetime Memory

My return to the Maine Woods following a 30 year Army career has been particularly joyful as the circle of my life continues. This past Saturday was even more so as I was able to share the joy of a successful whitetail hunt with my father and brother, Mark. Given the excitement and satisfaction of putting 125 pounds of venison in my game freezer is all the better for having family with me on a crisp November morning, deep in whitetail territory. The fulfilled legacy as a Mosher Family deer hunter came to fruition with the downing of this 12 point buck after many hours of still hunting in the silence of God’s Country. Regardless of whether I even see a deer, my time in the Maine Woods is always the most peaceful and reflective of times, during which, I meditate in prayer and thanks for the rich bounty that has been placed on my table over the years. On this Saturday morning, my prayer was interrupted by the thunderous crashing of five does dashing by my stand, followed by a very determine buck with only one thing on his mind, much to my advantage. The single shot he gave me was enough to apply a mercifully lethal .308 round, which left him dispatched before he hit the ground. Hours later and after a hard team drag with Mark and my father, he was tagged and in my barn awaiting final processing for a cold winter’s venison ahead. In closing, I have to thank my family for the labor prior to and following my firing on this buck and for sharing in the joy of this lifetime memory. Blessings to all.

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