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Strong Women

This past week I had the honor of guiding a group of female combat veterans. I found these marines and soldiers to be powerful and capable women who, like myself, found themselves in a male dominated work place.

In unguarded moments, we spoke of how sometimes we were discriminated against because of our sex or how we looked and yet there was no male bashing. In fact, it was just the opposite. They spoke with love of their children, spouses, colleagues and male friends.

Yet, even at this caring retreat, a gentleman said to us that he didn’t believe that a woman could or should be President. I know… it was a seriously shocking comment in this day and age to make to a table full of women. And it came out of the mouth of a man I greatly admire and care for, and yes I still do.

Several of us got up and left the table and laughingly called the guy out, but that was the end of it. There was no big fight or name calling. We didn't march around with vagina hats or obscene signs. We all accepted that he was entitled to his opinion, but vowed to keep moving in a more positive direction showing him and others like him that it is possible to be both feminine and capable. We can instill change respectfully by example without surrendering our dignity.

I salute these women and thank them for their service to this country. Here’s to finding your tribe!

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